What Our
Clients Say

We work with clients across a broad range of industries, with the ability to call on a global network of independent professionals with diverse experience. We match the right people and the right approach to your specific needs. Below are some examples of our recent client work.



We needed help quickly translating a growth strategy into results. The most important thing was finding a partner that brought a balance of pragmatism, change management and strategy skills. This is a rare combination. Corpus had them all covered in spades. I would highly recommend them – they will help deliver the benefits at a fraction of top-tier consulting costs but with the same quality.

Executive GM, Customer Division

The scope

We were selected to work with an ASX-listed insurance company to execute their growth strategy. Our role was to model a go-to-market plan to achieve their growth target within 3 years, and embed new ways of working with their teams.

The approach

We established a Transformation Office comprising our own Corpus team members as well as business leaders from across the company. Using organisational psychology methods we were able to create an effective governance structure. We reviewed current processes, identified gaps in capabilities, and filled those gaps where required.

Collectively, we revised the initial growth target to a more realistic stretch level, and empowered the business units to take ownership of their own targets. While the teams had initially questioned the targets, our approach involved them in the process and got them excited about the new opportunities ahead.

The results

  • Immediate productivity boost by revising growth targets to a more realistic level
  • Effective execution by placing cross-functional teams against strongest growth opportunities
  • Business units took control to set and manage new growth targets
  • Substantial impact on sales, but also on employee motivation and job satisfaction
  • Confidence boost for executive team and Board after seeing the business deliver


Ways of

Corpus brought a sharp analytical mindset and approach coupled with a truly collaborative and pragmatic workstyle. They took the time to get to know our people and organisation to deliver a comprehensive, considered and immediately-actionable set of outputs. We look forward to working with Corpus again in the future.

Chief, Strategy & Transformation

The scope

The CEO of a large financial services company faced a disconnect between the firm’s customer-led strategy and the actual execution across his business. Our goal was to re-design the company’s ways of working to align activities to the most critical goals, break down functional silos and remove operational blockers.

The approach

We used a root-cause analysis/lean methods to understand the underlying issues that were driving current processes and behaviours. We then set up a new governance model to empower the workforce by allocating decision-making authority at the right level in the organisation. We also improved communication between the C-level and the manager community to create more transparency.

The results

  • Existing initiatives were evaluated using a root-cause analysis which led to a set of more outcome-focused initiatives
  • Collaboration issues between specific teams were identified and addressed
  • The customer team took on more authority in decision-making
  • The executive team was able to more specifically articulate what success looked like for them
  • The business saw an increase in Net Promoter Score and employee satisfaction



Corpus worked at a fast pace on our transformation project and responded with agility and incredible thoughtfulness when the brief was altered. I would recommend Corpus to any business in need of fast and sustainable change. Their willingness to test insights and adapt quickly make them a valuable team. No big egos to deal with was a refreshing change too.

Chief People and Culture Officer

The scope

A large media company faced significant cost pressures due to changes in the market. After five years of attempts at incremental cost reduction programs with limited success, Corpus partnered with the Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Revenue Officer and other senior executives to review activity-based costs, assess revenue drivers and allocating resources accordingly. We also explored new growth adjacencies.

The approach

We set up a Transformation Office with three workstreams – one focused on activity-based costing, one on immediate revenue opportunities and one on growth adjacencies. The team was co-led by an internal Director of Transformation and our industry experts. We worked closely with digital and sales teams to analyse data and find practical solutions. We also engaged a wide range of global experts from Corpus’ network to explore growth opportunities and identify potential investment opportunities.

The results

  • Data-driven review of market dynamics locally and internationally enabled CEO and CFO to engage the Board
  • Corpus’ global experts helped the CFO and Transformation Director to discuss the most pressing issues with international peers
  • In-depth data analysis of revenue drivers suggested 15% immediate revenue growth opportunities with a clear roadmap to delivery
  • An inclusive activity-based cost review process led to teams taking more ownership on difficult cost decisions