A small team created to research and develop innovative solutions for rapid prototyping and testing.


We are specialists in business transformation. We create strategic advantages rather than quick-fixes, helping businesses become more agile, resilient and elastic, ready to exploit opportunity and overcome future challenges.

Within our core team we have deep experience in business transformation, as well as access to a wide-reaching network of independent professionals with top-tier management consulting experience across multiple industries, products and services.

Our approach centres around creating your dream team of internal executives and Corpus collaborators for your transformation, however big or small.  Our Transformation Office can then run remotely or out of your own office space, empowering your team to work with us to reflect and identify the core problems, design the resolution, take action and achieve results.

Our work spans across all areas of transformation - collaborating with Strategy, Finance, Data, HR and Operations teams. We handle everything from urgent pain points that need an immediate fix, to holistic approaches that reform ways of working over the long term.


Disruption response and business reinvention

  • Using existing strengths to exploit uncertainty
  • Re-architecting how the business makes money
  • Rapid prototyping and scaling of alternative business models

Top line transformation: solutions for revenue and customer pain points

  • Changes in product and pricing/value proposition
  • Overcoming revenue/sales/distribution challenges
  • Implementing customer advocacy/net promoter systems

Bottom line transformation: solutions for operational pain points

  • Reducing costs to liberate the business
  • Breaking supply chain bottlenecks
  • Improving staff & workforce efficiency

New ways of working: achieving organisational excellence

  • Utilising data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Ensuring intuitive and analytical decision-making
  • Introducing digital-led operational excellence

Response and

In the current business landscape, there are very few who are untouched by COVID-19. A successful response to such major disruptions depends heavily on an organisation’s ability to leverage uncertainty and variability rather than avoiding it.

We assess your readiness for reinvention by assessing your business elasticity, and identifying the areas where change is needed most. We use incubators and skunkworks to rapidly test responses and reinvention models. We tailor inclusive governance models to involve all stakeholders on the journey. Based on these insights, we co-design scalable products and services and either deploy them within your existing teams or help you build entirely new businesses out of them. Most importantly, we execute this process quickly to achieve rapid results.

We have executed these projects across industries including food service, FMCG, financial services, and telecommunications.

Our Toolkit

Business Elasticity Diagnostic

Allows us to quickly assess your business elasticity across team structures, processes, people and technology and set priority areas to address first.

Business Model Generation Tool

We map customer, competitor and supplier volatility against your business competencies and strengths to conceive alternative and innovative business models.

Action Incubators

We create the environment for cross-functional teams from inside and outside your company (where appropriate), to generate and test ideas. We facilitate rapid prototyping and development cycles to test and iterate those ideas. We then set interim incentives and carefully document the process to enable real-time decision-making by senior leaders.


Revenue and Customer Pain Points

Most sales teams drive revenue by setting targets and pushing hard to achieve stretch goals. This requires a high frequency of sales activity and creates a high-pressure environment. With customer preferences frequently in flux, this model often does not allow sales teams to work effectively with product and pricing teams and sell the right product, at the right time, for the right price.

We work with you to translate growth opportunities into specific products and services based on your core capabilities, while minimising costs. We define maximum revenue potential and help you set realistic revenue targets across cross-functional teams. We help you establish a customer voice that guides revenue growth decisions, rather than dictating them. Our support extends through the entire process – from conception and design to project execution, rapid learning and ongoing iterations.

We have implemented this type of work in industries such as media, insurance, financial services and telecommunications.

Our Toolkit

Net Promoter System

Establishing customer feedback metrics, reporting, robust customer feedback loops and lean escalation pathways across the business.

Data-driven Pricing Analysis

Analysing maximum revenue potential and setting realistic revenue targets.

Needs-based Product Development

Co-developing robust productisation plans that enable rapid learning.

Sales Force Effectiveness Training

Enabling real-time data-driven sales operations with strong emphasis on incentives and performance culture.


Operational Pain Points

Driving operational improvements and cost reductions is an ongoing focus area for most of our clients. However, cost reduction programs can often lack conscious decision-making or fail to consider customer and sales implications. As such, organisations reduce costs for the short term but don’t end up with a future-ready business. Operational improvement campaigns across areas such as supply chain, production and marketing can disrupt the workforce and often result in strong resistance.

We tap into our extensive transformation expertise, while also leveraging the experience of senior executives who have solved similar or even identical operational pain points. We work with you closely to benchmark cost targets, increase cost consciousness within your teams and set up operational initiatives that protect and support the right set of customer experience and revenue objectives.

Our Toolkit

Activity-Based Costing Review (Zero-Basing)

We review costs by identifying the activities that directly drive revenue and those that are simply slowing the business down. On average we achieve twenty percent cost reductions without impacting revenue.

Business Process Optimisation

We use lean/six-sigma methods to test operational processes. The result is a root-cause analysis that helps set process improvements at the right level in the organisation.

Workforce Planning/Capability Development

We determine the right size for your teams and the best practice for decision-making processes, while also establishing the optimal operational flow and addressing capability gaps.


Achieving Organisational Excellence

Corpus brought highly sought after, yet rarely available to the same pedigree, data analytics and insights skills into the organisation. They were incredibly adept at working with large datasets, complex business and operational requirements, and drawing out insights from the chaos.

Head of Sales and Marketing, TelCo

While we can help clients achieve immediate relief by quickly addressing pain points, long-term progress is often dependent on addressing deeper issues.

Corpus turns discussion into decisive action.

Most organisations are structured according to their activities - departments and silos that are grouped by the nature of what they do for the business. This inevitably results in an endless stream of meetings, involving more and more stakeholders, complaints about company bureaucracy and a very slow-moving system.

Corpus works with you to review your human systems as well as data-based information. We have access to world-class data scientists who review existing data quality, data lakes, data analysis and data monetisation strategies. Our partnership with digital software providers enables us to introduce digital-led operational excellence.

This analysis helps us to develop a map of your decision-making process, which we then use to reengineer your operational structure. The goal is to ensure that the right decision is being taken by the right person, at the right level with the right mindset. Any capability gaps uncovered can then be filled through role adjustments and recruitment, as well as developing training and capability building programs. Corpus often also fulfils interim management roles while this process takes place.

The end result is a decisive and action-orientated business – a crucial foundation for creating a more “elastic” enterprise.

Our Toolkit

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We check your data quality, establish trustworthy data sources, enrich your data, extract insights, set up robust reporting and test for data monetisation.

Organisational Network Analysis

In this emerging field, we analyse behavioural data to influence workflows and decision sequences.

Agile Decision-Making

We go beyond ‘Agile’ as a methodology for project execution to consider the entire Decision-Action Cycle. We evaluate existing ways of working and decision processes, embed efficient sprints but also embed initiatives to shape mindsets and behaviours.

Digital-Led Eco-System Tools

We leverage leading digital tools to drive operational excellence – reducing operational costs while empowering customer experience.

Capability Training Centres

We identify precise capability gaps and put together world-class capability training programs tailored to executive and frontline teams.